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Healing Arts Studio Programs in Park Falls WI

Yoga Classes in Park Falls WI

Yoga classes are on 3rd Floor of Park Falls Library. It’s within walking distance, just up the street from Munro Manor.

Classes are for beginners to intermediate
Everyone is welcome:).

~ Soma Yoga Weds Noon-1:15

~ Hatha Yoga Thurs 5:00-6:15pm

~ Chair Yoga Friday Noon-1:15

Celebrating 14 years !

Healing Energy Therapy in Park Falls WI

Healing Arts Therapy Park Falls WI

Yoga Mind, Body, Spirit wellness sessions!

Sessions release stress, anxiety, and balance your chakras. Each session is done while you relax on a heated massage table.
No clothing is removed.

Energy work includes Reiki, Access Consciousness, Crystal healing, and Chakra balancing.
Sessions provided by Beth Roberts who is a certified Reiki Master and Access Consciousness practitioner.
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healing Arts Studio Park Falls WI
Classes, Retreats, and fun!!

Reiki Classes in Park Falls WI

Wellness Sessions Park Falls WI

Create harmony, health, and well
being for yourself thru Reiki.

Want to experience more joy & peace
in your every day life?
Join us for the Reiki One Certification
class and discover the following:

~ What is Reiki and how does it work ~ Hands on Self Healing ~ Reiki Ideals & the 5 Elements ~ Grounding & intention ~ Guided meditation ~ Reiki hand positions ~ Attunement to Reiki One

Park Falls Healing Arts Studio | Yoga, Energy Work & Reiki

Call Jenn Bourgard 715-820-1653 or Beth Roberts 715-661-3113 for more information.